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Historic Figural Pueblo Pottery

In the late 19th century anthropologists, ethnographers, and self made explorers had a keen interest in collecting all sorts of Native cultural material, however, anthropomorphic figures interested them above all else. Whether it was in clay, wood, stone, or any other material, the collections of many of the prominent museums and institutions are loaded with dolls, pottery figurines, and stone idols. The Trading Post owners who had long before established themselves within tribal lands were eager to guide these voracious collectors and supplied many of them with a myriad of figural objects. By the 1880’s the traders in Santa Fe were selling large free standing clay figures from Cochiti Pueblo, Rain Gods from Tesuque Pueblo, and many animal inspired forms from as far away as Zuni Pueblo.

HOPT5059CShiprock Santa Fe is pleased to offer a variety of human and animal forms that span the late 19th century to modern day and represent many of the Pueblos including Zuni, Cochiti, Santa Clara, and Tesuque from this curated collection.