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New Works by Josedgardo Granados

From the artist statement:
My art practice focuses on large-scale labor-intensive drawings that investigate the material qualities of graphite and color pencil whilst creating a dialogue between geometric and gestural abstraction. Pushing the drawings to a point of fluidity similar to painting, the works naturally develop through experimentation via mark-making and intuitive compositional choices without any preconceived notion as to what the final outcome will be. Pencil marks load the paper with layers of graphite creating a visual-dialectic surface between the two-dimensional abstract compositions and the reflective play of light that occurs as one moves about the artwork. The accreted rhythmic strokes visible on the surface give the drawings a palpable almost sculptural mass and energy played out by gestural and linear elements throughout the compositions. Shapes and gestures evoke forms in the Southwestern terrain; lines and colors subconsciously find their way into each piece, reminiscent of patterns in Navajo and Pueblo weavings.

Josedgardo Granados

"Tohoku", 2011-2013 “Tohoku” 2011-2013
"Tent Rocks", 2013 “Tent Rocks” 2013
"315", 2014 “315” 2014
"Flashdance", 2013 “Flashdance” 2013
"Dry Mesa", 2012 “Dry Mesa” 2012
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See the entire exhibition on our site here
Congratulations Josed on your beautiful pieces, we are so proud to have your exhibition hanging in the gallery!