Monthly Archives: July 2013

New Short from Visvim x HypebeastTV “Dissertation on Symbolism and our Prayer Flag”

Last week, Hiroki Nakamura and Hypebeast TV offered an exclusive behind-the-scenes look into their hand sewn Goodyear construction, showing us the meticulous process by which each pair of Visvim shoes is crafted. Showcasing the traditional styles of craftsmanship that Visvim embodies each season, it’s plain to see that this brand takes manufacturing more seriously than most. In this video, we are taken inside one of the Visvim manufacturing rooms and put at the workbench with two Japanese craftsman to more fully understand the detail and precision that goes into each pair of shoes from this distinguished brand. Mixing Japanese and Americana design with a global inspiration for quality, it is always exciting to see what our friends over at Visvim are up to.