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Limited Edition Visvim Navajo Weavings

Shiprock Santa Fe’s owner Jed Foutz moved to the reservation town of Shiprock as a small boy. His father took over the Shiprock Trading Post and re-established their lineage as traders of Native American art. As a child, Jed traveled the country with his father, supplying wholesale accounts with Native American rugs, sand paintings, jewelry, pottery, and more. He learned the business and fostered a love for the people of the Four Corners. Today, Jed Foutz owns one of the premier art galleries in Santa Fe, showcasing historic Navajo weavings and vintage furnishings.

The collaboration between Jed Foutz and Hiroki Nakamura goes back quite a few years when a mutual friend put Foutz and Nakamura in contact. Hiroki wanted to come visit the Southwest US, and who could be a better tour guide than a fifth generation trading post owner! That began the vision for blending the gallery space and Visvim.

Light Mud weaving

Dark Mud weaving

Foutz’s first meeting with Nakamura led to a longtime friendship where both men inspire one another and share their love of Native arts. As Hiroki set about designing his FW12 line, he sent Foutz bundles of hand processed and dyed wool. Jed commissioned Navajo artisans to create elegant renderings of Navajo mantas. Most horizontal Navajo weavings would have been banded. The simple design Foutz and Nakamura had in mind posed a challenge for the weavers, who clearly rose to the occasion. Each weaving is dyed with either a mud or indigo natural dye in various hues. As you can see, they’re full of nuance and subtle variations.

The weaver of the dark mud piece called it “stars in the night sky” for the lighter weft that shows through in places. She chose to do a straight left-to-right weave and did not include lazy lines. The same adept weaver wove both the indigo pieces. She incorporated lazy lines throughout in order to complement the varying blues.

Dark Indigo weaving

Light Indigo weaving

All four of the limited edition Visvim Navajo weavings are available for purchase through Shiprock Santa Fe.



Pawnee Jacket

The Visvim Pawnee Jacket’s outer is crafted from natural dye 8 oz Luxic denim, slubby chino cloth and sulfur dyed velveteen. The inner features an inkjet printed pattern of a Native American ledger drawing of the Battle of Little Bighorn on slubby canvas. The outer is distinctive and flattering, but the inner panels really draw your attention. A ledger drawing of the Battle of Little Bighorn is the influence for this piece, but the content and history of the ledger itself illuminates the inspiration further. The actual ledger drawing made during the turn of the century is in Hiroki Nakamura’s private collection.

Pawnee Jacket Pink

Pawnee Jacket inner panel

The Battle of Little Bighorn was one of the most sweeping victories for Native Americans during the late 19th century. The ledger drawing would have been made with muslin by a Sioux warrior as a personal account of the battle. Hiroki’s intense respect and passion for native cultures led him to digitally reproduce and incorporate this piece of history into his fashions. The information historians can discern from ledger drawings is expansive, and Visvim has chosen to highlight the warrior’s actions along the interior of the Pawnee Jacket. Each warrior is drawn differently, wearing distinctive clothing that would have not only made them stand out in a crowd, but would immediately convey their status, age and accomplishments in battle.

Battle of Little Bighorn detail

Visvim gives off a very distinctive first impression, the clothes are a statement to anyone looking at them because of their quality design and materials. This jacket is a stunning example of Visvim’s high standard of craftsmanship and has our model looking fabulous!

Shiprock Santa Fe’s featured Visvim look

A big thank you to all of our followers, our last blog post received such an amazing response! This week our shoot took place way up in the Santa Fe Mountains against a backdrop of leafless Aspens and clear blue winter sky. This casual look makes streetwear fashion look mountain friendly!

Aspen look of the week

Look of the week

Look of the week

The Black Elk Flannel features vegetable ivory buttons, an outer made in Japan that’s 100% Giza cotton, and cotton and linen detailing. He’s also wearing the incredible Artifact Coverall made with 13 oz original selvedge denim. The corduroy pants are Fluxus 03 natural dye in mud. Designer Hiroki Nakamura’s clothes look fantastic with Native American jewelry so to make this outfit complete, we added a c. 1900 squash blossom handmade with ingot silver.

Yucca Moc (brown)

Out of all the amazing pieces our model wore, he couldn’t get over how fabulous the shoes felt and looked.  The Vibram sole is typically made for tennis shoes, but they get a modern makeover with Hiroki’s pigment free UK suede hand-stitched upper on the Yucca Moc Mid-Folk (shown above in brown). The moccasins are made in a traditional wrap style and have no liner for breathability.

Please inquire for any additional information!

Hudson Jacket

Last week we went for a little trek in the mountains of Santa Fe and needless to say, it was quite the adventure!  We tromped around the gorgeous snow-covered trails to takes some photos of a few of our favorite pieces from the Visvim Fall Winter 2012 line.  The trails in Santa Fe are stunning right now, setting the perfect backdrop to showcase this season’s selections.


Hudson Dk. Brown (front)

Hudson Dk. Brown (front)

Hudson Dk. Brown

Hudson Lt. Brown (front)

Hudson Lt. Brown (back)

Grizzly Boot

Grizzly Boot

The Hudson Jacket is featured in both Light and Dark Brown and is the primary focus of this photo shoot.  We really enjoy the entire outfit because Visvim is a brand where the pieces complement one another.  Our Shiprock Santa Fe model is wearing the dark brown Hudson Jacket in a size 4 and the light brown in a size 5.   The jacket is constructed of naturally dyed goat leather and features an Italian Merino wool outer and Persian lamb lining.  Once you put in on you will never want to take it off!

Under the Hudson Jacket, our model is wearing the Shigatse Shirt L/S Black, the Lhamo Shirt One Wash, the Cornell Slacks, the Grizzly Boots in dark brown, and a vintage two-strand necklace of white shell heishi.  The Shigatse Shirt is made entirely of Luxic cotton with a small felt detail on the shoulder.  Luxic cotton is the best cotton for clothing because it has the longest fiber, making it last longer and retain its original shape.  The Lhamo Shirt One Wash features 8oz original selvage denim and antiqued buttons. The Cornell Slacks are made with a linen lining and slubby wool outer with a custom internal waistband detail.  They are outrageously flattering!  The Grizzly Boots remain one of the most popular styles this season, as it features a natural vegetal-tanned cowhide and Italian canvas hand-stitched upper with Goodyear welt construction, Vibram soles, and Swiss riri zippers. They are lightweight, breathable, and ultimately utilitarian.

            Please contact the gallery for available sizing and additional information.