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FBT Oppian JP Dark Brown

FBT Oppian JP

The FBT Oppian JP shoes have been constantly evolving. In this updated version from Fall Winter 2012 Hiroki has refined the feeling by softening the moccasin with a wrapped knit cuff with fine fringe, accented with long dark blue ribbon style tassels. These tassels along with the fringe are a direct nod to early American Indian moccasin styles.  Some early moccasin styles would have fringe (or drip) so long it would drag on the ground, which was an overt and direct statement of wealth.  Similarly, we think the FW12 FBT Oppian JP shoes are the most decadent yet. They’re made with Visvim’s standard long wearing Vibram outsoles, surgically upgraded EVA Phylon midsole, and a natural cork footbed insert. The uppers are lined with a pigment-free cowhide and made with premium UK suede.


VISVIM Laureate Hat

One of our favorite and most underrated accessories here at Shiprock is a good hat. Luckily for us, Visvim created one of the most durable and fashionable hats out there! For the Laureate hat, Hiroki uses an old method of millinery that utilizes beaver pelt. The beaver pelt, once it has been boiled and pummeled into felt, is one of the most pliable and enduring materials available. After the felt is made, it is steamed and shaped onto a form. The beaver pelt has a unique heat-responsive quality that makes it preferable for hats because it will eventually mold to the shape of the wearer’s head. The final result is incredibly impressive!

Laureate Hat

Pictured above in dark brown, also available in gray

There’s a long history of the beaver pelt being used for clothing and accessories around the world, but the originally European process, traveled to the Americas in the early 17th century. Early on Native American culture favored beaver pelts for coats, but as the coats wore down the material became prized for European style hat making. There was a near extinction of the beaver in North America during the late 1800’s because this hat trend was so popular! Fortunately we did not see this extinction and the beaver pelt remains the premier material used for hats.

Visvim’s Laureate hats are accessories for men and women alike, nodding to the tradition of the beaver pelt and creating a modern, upscale product.


Lhamo Settler Robe Light Indigo

Hiroki Nakamura’s line Visvim is synonymous with special one of a kind pieces. The F.I.L. Lhamo Settler Robe is a testament to the unique quality of his garment making process. Made with a 100% wool shell that’s been hand-dyed in Japanese indigo, this Robe would never look the same twice. It features kofu (vintage Japanese, 100% cotton) fabric on the sleeves and lining.DSC_0320Featured above in front of Hiroki’s beautiful hide teepee, also dyed with natural indigo.

Above: Kofu detailing on the Lhamo Robe

There were only 2 or 3 of these Robes made for FW12, making ours the only one available in the U.S.!


Lhamo Robe Light Mud

Visvim’s heavyweight Lhamo Robe will surely keep out any and all cold that might come your way. It’s the ultimate in winter-wear for your collection. It’s made with a 100% cotton shell that’s been naturally mud dyed and has the added protection of Windstopper™ fabric. The inner panels of the jacket are lined with shearling, with added shearling details on the sleeves. We were fortunate enough to have a bit of a cold snap in October when Hiroki was here for our Visvim opening so we got to see him wear this Robe. For all of its weight and protection it wears with incredible ease and style.DSC_0315We’re featuring a Navajo Ganado textile c. 1905 with the Lhamo Robe. The textile has large Spiderwoman crosses, woven in all handspun wool in hand-dyed aniline red and natural dark brown with a hand carded grey field. Ganado textiles of this size and caliber are extraordinarily rare, we here at Shiprock have only seen one other that’s comparable!

Each Lhamo Robe is unique because of the natural dye process, just as we see in the world of Navajo Textiles. Both pieces are meticulously handmade and will certainly wear the test of time.

Please contact the gallery for prices and sizes on either piece.

Welcome to the Shiprock Santa Fe blog!

Welcome to our blog space! Shiprock Santa Fe is so proud to be one of the newest U.S. retailers for the Japanese clothing line Visvim. Gallery owner Jed Foutz hand selects all the pieces that we showcase. Hiroki’s line fits right into the unique aesthetic of our gallery and we will be highlighting complementary Native American art as well in posts to come. Right now all of our featured Visvim pieces are from the FW12 line that we still have in stock, but we are excitedly anticipating new pieces for SS13!Shiprock Santa Fe boutiquePlease feel free to call the gallery for product information, any of our associates would be happy to speak with you! Make sure to check back for our updates!